Sales Tax

We collect sales tax from residents and businesses in Massachusetts only.

If you are a business and are purchasing vinyl and other items to use in making of products to sell at retail and you will be collecting sales tax on the final product to remit to the state of MA, you can get tax exempt status with OSVCS.

To earn tax exempt status for businesses in MA, follow these steps:

1. Create an account on our website
2. Send us an email using the same email that you created an account with and include the following: Massachusetts form ST-4 (found below) AND a copy of your resale certificate.

We will update your account within 24-48 hours to remove sales tax from your orders.

Items purchased from our website may not be resold in their original form, you must use the items to create new items.

Please note: Tax exempt status is for businesses that have a resale certificate only. If you need to make purchases for personal use to make items that will not be resold, you need to create a separate account.