About us

Open Space Vinyl & Craft Supplies (an extension of Open Space Gift Shop & Creative Studio) is a space where all are welcome to shop for supplies, create and be inspired, or create some DIY projects with our help! A place where you can let your creativity flow, no matter what your level of ability is.

We currently carry over 60 different vinyl options with more to come in addition to blank apparel, screen print transfers, cups, keychains among other blanks needed for your craft based business!

On the other end....

Our Gift Shop is home to over 60 artists and vendors who create items all around New England. Whether handmade or not, we work hard to only carry items that you won’t find at your typical “big box” retailer.

On our Open Studio side, workshops and classes are offered for people of all ages and skill level. Along with classes and workshops, when we aren’t running scheduled events, we have the seats open for those who need a space to work, whether it be on their own craft projects or on our ready-made projects using in house supplies.

We strive to provide the best options that our customers need. If it's not something we currently stock, we will work to source or create it!

The Team

Paul Luther, Co-Owner

Filomena Cunha, Co-Owner

Elaine Olivieri, In House Maker & Shop Assistant